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14 Year old speed skating athlete Jannai

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While we were in a speed skating warm up session in South Korea's special Olympics, 2013 we met 14 year old Janni from team USA and she spoke to us and told us about her self " I've been a part of special Olympics for 3 years now , My teacher told me about it and took me to events and helped me reach where I am today, My family were also always supportive and helped me through it all" We then asked Jannai if she went through any obstacles or hard times in the Olympics and she said " The only difficult thing I go through is hearing the shotgun and knowing when to start since I cannot hear, But I managed to overcome that thanks to my family and friend's support , Special Olympics is the best thing that happened to me " TOGETHER WE CAN!

About Me:

My name is Shadha Alkharusi, A Volunteer and a partner for Najah the athlete in the global youth activation summit 2013 , We come from the Sultanate of Oman and its our first special Olympics international participation.