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22 Special Olympics Programs Activate Fitness Programming Models

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Special Olympics Nigeria was one of 22 Special Olympics Programs to activate a fitness implementation grant in 2016.

Physical fitness is an important part of the mission of Special Olympics as it is necessary for optimal health and athletic performance. 

In 2016, Special Olympics created new resources and provided support for Programs expanding their fitness offerings to Special Olympics athletes interested in pursuing year-round, lifelong fitness. Twenty-two Special Olympics Programs were selected for a Fitness Implementation grants funded by Finish Line. 

Through this grant, more than 1,500 athletes, partners, coaches and family members got to experience the importance of a healthy lifestyle through adequate physical activity, nutrition and hydration as Programs replicated one of three field-developed, SOI-endorsed fitness program models. 

The grant cycle ended on 15 December, but for many of the grantees, this year was just the beginning with most Programs planning to continue fitness opportunities in the future.

About Me:

I am the Manager of Fitness for Special Olympics.