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A Desire To Help

Special Olympics Haiti is really thankful to Tarik Khan a nurse practitioner who used to coach Special Olympics athletes in The U.S.A. With the desire to help the many children that live with intellectual disabilities she will start a class for teaching them. Special Olympics Haiti retains this from Tarik: “My passion for people with intellectual disabilities began in high school with the Special Olympics Spring Games in Philadelphia. I worked with the athletes who were involved in the motor activity training program (MATP). When I was in nursing school, I continued with Special Olympics Philadelphia, and I became an assistant swimming coach for several years in Montgomery County, PA. In graduate school at LaSalle University, I focused my studies on health care needs of populations with intellectual disabilities. When I was handed my degree the day I graduated LaSalle University, I told Dr. Tim Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics, that I was a coach, and how much I appreciated all of his work for intellectually disabled community around the world."

About Me:

National Sport Director, coach in basketball and track and field for Special Olympics Haiti.