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Close your eyes and envision the Special Olympics vision

Every summer in Haiti, we organize five Camp Shrivers. Today I am closing the third one of these events that I call the caravan of love, hope and sharing through the spirit of sports. We are In Jeremie , one of the ten departments of Haiti, the extreme capital of the south. We hosted the Camp at an orphanage called - Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secour ( Our Lady of Perpetual Rescue)- Out of 45 persons living in this orphanage, at least 30 of them have intellectual disabilities and are all deprived. And when the caravan arrived on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM,the party started. It brings life, light, friendship, love, joy and love by giving a new dimension to dignity on a unique level of unity through sports and more. Get on the Special Olympics Caravan, it is a spiritual gift from God and be bless. Jean Chevalier Sanon National Volunteer Director Special Olympics Haiti

About Me:

I am Jean Chevalier Sanon ( JCS ), born August 3, 1957, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am a man with special gift of blessing and willing to share it. I have been around the world and have enjoyed life to its best. Don't look for me , I will find you. God bless you all.