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  • In Chinese Taipei, the World's Largest Special Olympics Unified Bocce Game

In Taiwan, World's largest Special Olympics Unified Bocce Game

Special Olympics East Asia Unified Bocce Invitational Game & Non-Sports Events were held in Tainan of Taiwan. The delegations came across three continents including America, Europe and Asia. More than 1,100 participants were attracted to be actively involved, which made it become the World's largest Special Olympics Unified Bocce Game by far. Special Olympics East Asia Senior Bocce Coach Training was also delivered during the Game. Coaches from Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong ,Macao, Chinese Taipei and Mainland China were gathered together to exchange their experience and to discuss their bocce training, teaching methods. Through brainstorming and sharing, many new ideas of training and competition were inspired. Special Olympics Chinese Taipei Chairperson Ms. Hwang paid a trip to the Game and joined in the classroom as well with the participants.

About Me:

I am on the communications team for Special Olympics East Asia.