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Love is a magic thing

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Roman Soltys and Oksana Uhryn, Special Olympics athletes
Roman Soltys’ life is all about love. Family love, huge vitality and his own love story. Roman was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Great family love helped Roman to be engaged in community life as a volunteer. As a teenager, Roman assisted lonely elderly people: cleaned apartment, took care and spent free time with them. His mother saw that Roman could be a sportsman. This was a new step in Romans’ life, he started with table tennis, but finally focused on cross country skiing and has many awards and medals from all over the world. He was even blessed by Pope John Paul II. There are a lot of plans for Roman, who is competing at Winter Games in Austria, but the greatest one is his future with Oksana Uhryn, his soulmate. Both Oksana and Roman will compete as cross country skiers for Special Olympics. Their love story started long ago. For many years, Oksana and Roman engaged in sports together in a group for people with Down syndrome and autism. Through this program, they dabbled in different sports including athletics, table tennis, cross-country skiing. Their friendship grew stronger day by day, and after some of the competition, they returned home, holding hands…. For three years, they have been everywhere together.

About Me:

As a person with hemiplegia and a volunteer for decades in several NGOs for people with disabilities, I am proud that my employer support people with special needs. Moreover, it’s an honor for me as a Ukrainian citizen to create buzz for an outstanding Special Olympics Ukraine athlete.


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