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Police Recruits in Ukraine become Young Athletes Volunteers

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Since Young Athletes began in Ukraine in 2012 it has been expanding to more and more new cities. A Regional Demonstration and Training Seminar took place last week in the city of Vinnytsya. The event was attended by 28 children and their parents from six different cities. The local Police force provided 5 very enthusiastic recruits to volunteer on the day. “It was such a wonderful experience for me” said Policewoman Alyona Votyakova, “When I was informed about the event I was prepared to meet children with disabilities, but instead all I saw was children with abilities. I could see in their eyes how much they enjoyed the experience and this is what made it so special for me. I already look forward to my next volunteering experience with Young Athletes”. The involvement of the Police force at the event was part of a national initiative to integrate persons with disabilities into society and to help them feel safe in their local communities.

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