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The Kings of Vermont

My son recently had a Special Olympics ski team party. Afterward, some of us geared up and headed out. I was with my son and Gail his endlessly patient coach, and my son's friend Justin with his coach. We started downhill, and my son and Justin started carving ahead of us, and I had to stop to watch. These two young men who in the not so distant past would have never been on skis, who would have had no personal or organizational support to even know about such a thing, were now sublimely taking for granted what they could do, and it wasn't hard to imagine a cloud of witnesses of their forebearers with disability, cheering them on. Often they are still disregarded or discounted. But this day, they had the front face of Mt. Ellen to themselves: the kings of Vermont. All of you who have known and supported my son and us, or ever given a dime to Special Olympics, or just practiced inclusion, you were on the hill with them that day, and I wanted to let you know it was magnificent.

About Me:

Bruce Campbell is a parent of a Special Olympics Vermont athlete.