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Ukrainian Mother Snizhana Kisishvili Shares her Story

We’ve been watching Special Olympics Ukraine from the sidelines for more than 5 years while my daughter Veronika was too young to compete in Special Olympics sports. The Young Athletes program has changed her lifestyle significantly. She does abs exercises, doesn’t eat sweets and says: ‘Mum, I want to be slim and sporty’. At the start, the Young Athletes program was not yet present in Ukraine. She is now 8 years old and has been involved with Young Athletes for one year. We were among the first participants of this program in Zhytomyr. Our exercises are held outdoors, in the forest, and of course, both children and their parents can’t get enough of it! Despite Veronika being very sporty, some exercises were quite a challenge for her. For example, at the beginning, she was not able to make a single step on a wall-mounted ladder. Now she has mastered this and feels very comfortable. Veronika looks at Special Olympics athletes and wants to be the same. We are now looking for some future sports – gymnastics, skiing, and table tennis for good coordination.

About Me:

Mother of Young Athlete in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine